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Slicer lines for multilayer and multi-variety packs

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility and loading accuracy during automated loading, this line concept has handling modules as a loading solution. They process all standard portion shapes and sizes and enable any insertion for portions of multi-variety packs, multi-layer packs or special formats. Loading solutions with handling modules are also perfectly scalable.

An automatic high-performance tray sealer is used as the packaging system. The integrated infeed unit of the tray sealer features high capacity, precise transport of the trays and an optimised footprint.



Line modules

  • Slicer
  • Handling modules
  • Buffer conveyor
  • Traysealers


  • Greatest possible flexibility
  • High personnel efficiency
  • Production of all common portion forms, in particular multilayer and multi-variety packs

Loading with several handling modules

The handling modules are integrated into the line control. The MULTIVAC control system thus controls the entire process, from slicing the products to sealing the filled packs. This ensures maximum efficiency, which virtually eliminates downtime.

The camera systems of the handling modules detect the location and positions of the incoming portions. This enables position correction as well as orientation of the portions when feeding into the pack cavities. In addition, there is the greatest possible flexibility with regard to the number of portions and layers per pack.

MULTIVAC handling modules are designed for use in the food contact area. They meet the most demanding hygiene standards and are designed for the typical cleaning processes of the food industry. This ensures maximum product safety and high reliability. Quick-change devices enable quick conversions and effortless cleaning.